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CD | Dance - House

clean living for a dirty world or they wont ever catch me cause im fucking innocent

Artist Song
spencer davis group  im a man 
the make up  biff bang pw...power to the people 
koufax  social life 
the strokes  12:51 
the who  happy jack 
lilys  dimes make dollars 
the jam  a town called malice 
the sonics   have love will travel 
stone roses  waterfall 
rolling stones  ruby tuesday 
small faces  itchycoo park 
yardbirds  heart full of soul 
the temptations  get ready 
the knack  good girls dont 
elvis costello  everyday i write the book 
suede  shes in fashion 
the lambrettas  posion ivy 
the foundations  build me up buttercup 
international noise conspiracy  capitalism stole my virginity 
replacements  color me impressed 
beck  new pollution 
james brown  sex machine 
pulp  disco 2000 
blur  boys and girls 


for my dear friend bretts 19th birthday.
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Date: 3/2/2004
A lor of good stuff on this
Date: 3/2/2004
Excellent mod mix.
Lazy line painter Jane
Date: 3/17/2004
You hated Brett. Also, I have a joke for you. How many emo kids does it take to change a lightbulb? Give up? It doesn't matter because they're all chopped up into pieces in barrels in my basement. Ya know, you really should atleast say Hi to me in the hallways Jackass.
Date: 10/29/2004
where are you?