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Beautiful Angst

Artist Song
Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight  Love Is 
Stevie Wonder  All in Love is Fair 
Chris Issak  Wicked Game 
Dave Matthews Band  Crash Into Me 
Don Henley  Boys of Summer 
Vertical Horizion  Everything You Want 
Hootie and the Blowfish  Let Her Cry 
Bonnie Raitt  I Can't Make You Love Me 
Jann Arden  Insensitive 
Jewel  Foolish Games 
Jewel  You Were Meant For Me 
Joan Jett  Bad Reputation 
The Carpenters  Superstar 


This mix was made when I was feeling slightly depressed last year, sometime before/after Valentine's Day. I wish I'd had more slightly depressing but pretty love songs on there. Not all of them fit (Crash Into Me and Bad Reputation, namely), but I like it anyway.