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Playlist | Theme - Alternating DJ
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22 years of Rob

Artist Song
Year One - Rob is born  pell mell - nothing lies still long 
Year Two - Rob is welcomed into his family  walkmen - little house of savages 
Year Three - Rob learns about the world through Sesame Street  deerhoof - sealed with a kiss 
Year Four - Rob is bitten by an alligator  90 day men - alligator 
Year Five - Rob starts school  dizzee rascal - fix up look sharp 
Year Six - the playground becomes a battleground  rem - catapult 
Year Seven - Rob learns to tell time  casual dots - clocks 
Year Eight - Rob moves to the valley  xiu xiu - i love the valley oh 
Year Nine - Rob learns to dance  ssion - call out the lions 
Year Ten - Rob forgets how to dance  mission of burma - forget 
Year Eleven - Rob learns he is related to John Wilkes Boothe  the donner party - john wilkes boothe 
Year Twelve - Rob moves out of the valley  mountain goats - home again garden grove 
Year Thirteen - Rob starts a band called Chisel with Ted Leo  chisel - do go on 
Year Fourteen - Rob learns magic tricks  wise and foolish builders - sleight of hand 
Year Fifteen - Rob falls in love  ciccone youth - addicted to love 
Year Sixteen - Rob goes to his prom  king of prussia - high school prom 
Year Seventeen - Rob falls out of love  ryan adams - starting to hurt 
Year Eighteen - Rob joins a gang  s prcss - spring garden drive by 
Year Nineteen - Rob moves to West Chester  bradford trojan and the traffic jams - thinking alone 
Year Twenty - Rob is happy  the wrens - ive made enough friends 
Year Twenty-One - Rob can legally drink  jam - beat surrender 
Year Twenty-Two - Rob goes to France on a boat  idlewild - when the ship comes in 


this mix is for rob. happy birthday


Date: 3/5/2004
Excellent concept.
Date: 3/6/2004
great b-day present
Date: 3/6/2004