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I am better than your life

Artist Song
The Simpsons  The Flintstones 
Nine Inch Nails  Closer 
Vicki Zhao  There is a Girl 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Y Control 
The Simpsons  Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart? 
Joey Yung  Heartbeat 
Utada Hikaru  Hikari 
Gigi Leung  Lemon Tree 
The Simpsons  Glove Slap 
Nine Inch Nails  Ruiner 
Joey Yung  Luvin' You 
Pizzicato Five  Girl from Ipenema 
The Simpsons  Max Power 
Nine Inch Nails  Hurt 
Morning Musume  I Wish 
Faye Wong  Bored 
David Tao  The Moon Represents My Heart 
The Simpsons  Jammin' 
Enomoto Atsuko and Suzuki Chihiro  Yume no Nakae 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Maps 
Kelly Chan  Automatic 
Nine Inch Nails  Head Like a Hole 
The Simpsons  Canyonero 


I made a mix for Liz because she likes Cpop and Nine Inch Nails. I threw in some Simpsons stuff for no reason. I just have way too many Simpsons clips.

Nine Inch Nails is sexy.
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Date: 3/7/2004
no matter how many times I hear it, that Pizzicato rendition keeps getting better. nice work.
Date: 3/8/2004
NIN IS sexy!