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Something About John Coltrane

Side A
Artist Song
John Coltrane  Like Someone in Love 
John Clotrane  Blue Train 
John Coltrane  Good Bait 
John Coltrane  Equinox 
John Coltrane  Syeeda's Song Flute 
John Coltrane  Mr. Syms 
John Coltrane  Everytime We Say Goodbye 
Side B
John Clotrane  A Love Supreme - part one - Acknowledgment 
John Coltrane  Greensleeves 
John Coltrane  India 
John Coltrane  Africa 
Alice Coltrane  Something About John Coltrane 


09/23/00 John Coltrane's 74th Birthday. When I bought my first CD deck 12 years ago, I didn't want to recreate my record collection on disc, so I began to explore Jazz reissues. The first round I bought were Dexter Gordon "Go", Miles Davis "Bitches Brew" & John Coltrane "A Love Supreme". Coltrane blew my mind back then & today he's still on the top of my "Buy everything by.." list. To narrow the selections, I picked tunes from solo LPs only. I also avoided some of my favorite sonic assault material from the later LPs so that I could play this during dinner.


Rob Conroy
Date: 4/30/2003
Hey, why haven't I *ever* seen this? Nice compilation, my friend. SOMEDAY (i.e., probably not all that soon) I'm going to do a three-disc Coltrane collection, maybe four discs. Same with Miles.