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CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Theme - Depression
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock

Black (With Tears of Mercury)

Artist Song
The Swans  God Damn the Sun 
Sisters of Mercy  My Lucretia (My Reflection) 
Bella Morte  The Coffin Don't Want Me 
Blutengel  Die with You 
God Module  Dear Dead Flesh 
Razed in Black  Cherub Rock (The Smashing Pumpkins Cover) 
Shriekback  Nemesis 
Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry  Talk about the Weather 
Kidney Thieves  Crazy (Patsy Cline Cover) 
Candyman 88 with Tina Root of Switchblade Symphony  Ava Adpre (The Smashing Pumpkins Cover) 
Kevorkian Death Cycle  Relax (Frankie Goes to Hollywood Cover) 
Apoptygma  Burning Heretic 
Death in June  All Pigs Must Die 
Peter Murphy  Socrates the Python 
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  Death is Not the End 


My first attempt at a Goth mix so I'm not certain if all tracks fit the genre. Made this for a friend who thought that with a little pale make-up,lipstick, and some hair fussin'-- I could be Robert Smith. Nice thought, but as a boy I think I cry a bit too much. (BTW-- thanks to past AOTM'ers who posted some really great Goth mixes over the years-- I was shameless in my thievery)
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Date: 3/10/2004
who isn't a thief around here? i think that pretty much everyone on this site borrows ideas and tracks off of others mixes from time to time. you have some solid picks on this cd. by the way, goths don't cry that much; it ruins their make-up. great mix, i'd trade for this...