Smoke cigarettes, & drink stale black coffee.

Side A
Artist Song
Modest Mouse  What People Are Made Of 
The Kills  Fuck the People 
The Monorchid  Oral Fixation Anonymous 
The Misfits  Last Carress 
Tiger Army  Nocturnal 
Murder City Devils  In This Town 
Tom Waits  Everything Goes to Hell 
Gary Jules  Mad World 
Joy Division  Heart and Soul 
The Ponys  Chemical Imbalance 
Side B
Blue Meanies  Ruin and Renew 
Alkaline Trio  Tuck Me In 
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  The Carny 
Nina Nastasia  In the Graveyard 
Songs: Ohia  I've Been Riding With the Ghost 
The Black Heart Procession  A Light So Dim 
The Cure  Bird Mad Girl 


A mix induced by chemical addictions and PMS. The title comes from the Monorchid song.


Date: 3/13/2004
The Misfits. Love it just because of them.
Rob Conroy
Date: 4/1/2004
Nice. I love your Songs: Ohia pick.