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Cassette | Theme - Depression
Cassette | Electronic - Industrial

Tales of the New Deal

Side A
Artist Song
Lady  Miss Janet if You're Nasty! 
Sammy Hagar the Horrible  Oooh my Head! 
Mr. Peabody w/ Sherman  Trademark on my Heart 
Phat Phorce  Phun Phor the Phamily 
Peter and Dick Johnson  Big Unit 
Sly and the Family Stallone  Thank U 4 B N My Wiphe 
Robert Plantpeople  Who will Kill (The Chlorophyll?) 
Wall of Voodoo Economics  Something D-O-O 
Lawrence Welk & The Babymakers  (Wish They All Could Be) Catholic Girls 
Stevie Wonder w/ Blind Melon  Cheap Shots 
Pu-Tang Clan  Smelly Socks 
Side B
Sacco & Vanzetti  He's Sacco, I'm Vanzetti 
Haulin' Oats  Horse Eater 
Ronald and the Rayguns  Gimme a Bomb Shelter 
Jack and the Beanstalks  Cows and Beans 
Heroes of the Rhythm Revoluiton  White Butts = Tiny Nuts 
The Sloppy Wipers  Butt like a Bongo 
Iggy Pop-Tart  Life for Lust 
Pink Floyd the Barber  Dead and Loving It 
The Who, What, Where, When, & Why  Journalism Skillz 
Ol' Dirty Bastard w/ Marie Osmond  I'm a Little Bit Hip-hop  


While grieving over my millionaire daddy's fifth divorce, I made this tape to get me through the darker days. It didn't work. Now I offer it to the Napster raiding public. All these songs are free, so you can't steal them.


Geoff Holland12
Date: 3/28/2001
funny stuff!