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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ

tre`age - mend

Artist Song
tu m'  meadow 
audio-tourism  mekong delta 
kim cascone  parasite thirteen 
mouse on mars  auto orchestra 
two lone swordsmen  tiny reminder no.1/constant reminder 
sutekh  unstabile 
pole  taxidub 
mou, lips!  deep blue ocean of emptiness 
dan abrams  the theory 
fennesz  caecilia 
takagi masakatsu  fround 
neina  clairvoyance 
glenn bach  to fly 
farben  bayreuth 
jan jelinek  moire(piano & organ) 
tomas jirku  99 11 23 01 04 01 05 07 82 
pan sonic  kurnutus 
donnacha costello  awake on the fifth floor 
mitchell akiyama  meridial 


The Premise

The drawing together of three disparate mixes via a loose concept.
To form a holism based on that concept using the classic divisions:

Mind - represented by the clicks, whirrs and mathematics of the microsound family & friends
Body - represented by the visceral impacts of percussion based sounds
Spirit - represented by ineffable musics of seekers

The creation of said mixes in parallel, moving form one to the other as the urge dictates.

trf'age n.
sorting according to quality; assignment of degrees of urgency to decide order of treatment
Etymology:From Old French Trier - to try

trf- comb. form.
three, triple, thrice

age a.
a period in history or human progress

Notes on "tre`age - mend"
My cat hates this stuff. All those clicks and squirts of high frequency flipping from speaker to speaker. Not his idea of enjoyable listening at all. But me, me like.[Whereas I would normally indicate track-by-track alterations ([extract] or [edit],) all the tracks in this mix have been extracted and/or edited in some way so it seemed a little superfluous.]

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g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 3/14/2004
My word...(sits, stunned @ the keyboard, fumbling for adequate verbiage):
splendid, glorious.
Well these certainly are [the] Benny's "Meow"

(methinks you've made Mr. Hertel's job quite an easy go this week...!
Date: 3/14/2004
Dittoing my previous 2 comments...!
Date: 3/14/2004
Looks just excellent.
Date: 3/15/2004
Wow, this looks awesome.
Date: 5/18/2004
Insanely brilliant.
Date: 5/25/2004
how did I miss this series? Tremendous idea, perfectly executed.
Date: 7/9/2004
Outstanding and incredible listening - thanks for the mixes, Muzag - you are a truly gifted mixologist.