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Cassette | Theme
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Cassette | Mixed Genre


Side A
Artist Song
Shannon Wright  Dirty Fatade 
Denali  Run Through 
Bj÷rk  Cocoon 
Go Sailor  Together Forever in Love 
Julie London  Come On-a My House 
Ella Fitzgerald  Flying Home 
Vive la FOte  Noir DTsir 
Shannon Wright  Hinterland 
Blonde Redhead  Mother/Track 11 
Denali  Welcome 
Bj÷rk  sun in my mouth 
Lucienne Boyer  Parlez-moi d'Amour 
Go Sailor  Don't Go 
Side B
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong  Love is Here to Stay 
Rilo Kiley  Don't Decontruct 
Yann Tiersen  La Valse d'AmTlie [AmTlie Soundtrack] 
The Capricorns  Stay Awake[?] 
Blonde Redhead  For the Damaged 
Rilo Kiley  We'll Never Sleep [god knows we'll try] 
Go Sailor  Ray of Sunshine 
Bj÷rk  Frosti 
The Octopus Project  What They Found 
Denali  Do Something 
Shannon Wright  Fences of Pale 
Blonde Redhead  luv machine 
Yann Tiersen  Comptine D'un Autre EtT [AmTlie Soundtrack] 
Bj÷rk  All is Full of Love 


[damn. my first submission of this was deleted?] I absolutely love this mix. I made it for a friend of mine. I knew it would get to her around Valentine's Day, so it worked well. It's vaguely love themed. I certainly did not think of love/romance when I started making it. The themes of the songs seem to flow from one to the other, sort of wave like? It's a nice, sweet feeling which leads to a distaste, a feeling of discontent. like love? perhaps.
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