One Hipster Doofus' Trash is another Hipster Doofus' Treasure vol.1: Sample Day Means Free Dinner

Artist Song
Steel Toe Solution  Bloodsucker 
The Outsiders  Veteran's Day 
The Cuffs  Never Forget 
The Ducky Boys  We'll Find a Way 
Menace  GLC 
The Business  Suburban Rebels (live) 
Splodgenessabounds  Two Pints of Lager 
Combat 84  Rapist 
Speed Devils  Showdown 
The Lustre Kings  Lover be True 
The Frampton Bros.  Dressing Room 
Rocky Velvet  Beer Belly Boogie 
Jack Black  I'm the One 
The Erotics  Got Drunk Again 
The Defectives  Hey Hey Hey 
Baby Gopal  Lost Generation 
Hi Fi and the Roadburners  Get up and Go 
Refused  It's not OK 
The Forgotten  Fists Up! 
The Bodies  Pack Your Bags 
Lower Class Brats  Live For Today 
Dead End Cruisers  Around this Town 
The Randumbs  Can't Drink Anymore 
The Beltones  Ain't No Life 
Filthy Thieving Bastards  Hopeless Vows 
The Bodies  Innocent 
The Vigilantes  No Destiny 
Thug Murder  Double Fist 


Vol. 1 in the series. I frequent a used CD store and am often amazed at the stuff people get rid of. This mix was made from used label samplers I bought:
Radical Records "The East Coast of Oi"
Harry May Records "Oi Chartbusters vol.1"
Cacaphone Records "Ultra Swank '99"
Victory Records "Victory Style II"
TKO Records "Punch Drunk"
TKO Records " Punch Drunk 2"