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relationships and how i suck at them

Artist Song
Azure Ray  Displaced 
Bree sharp  Not Your Girl 
Fiona Apple  The Way it Really Is 
American Hi Fi  Flavor of the Week 
Nirvana   Dumb 
Poe  Beauftiful Girl 
Our lady Peace  A Story About a Girl 
Plumb  Damaged 
Trapt  Made Of Glass 
Tracy Bonham  Brain Crack 
Flaw  Out Of Whack 
Dresden Dolls  Girl Anachronism 
Taproot  Breathe 
THe Starting Line  Thanks your the best 
Sheryl Crow  Ordinary Morning 
My Ruin  Beauty Fiend 
Sugar Cult   Pretty Girl 
Cake  I will survive 


This is just a mix about all my realationships went wrong, how I feel about love right now, and what I have to say to all those ex's.


Date: 3/17/2004
That Tracy Bonham song takes me back to that 2 month period that I was the biggest Tracy Bonham fan in the world! (Hey, the secret is: we all suck at relationships, it's all in the making up for our sucking that keeps us together) (or you can ignore this rambling mad man... this mad man will shut up now.)