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Spell My Name

Artist Song
The Clash  Jimmy Jazz 
The Sisters of Mercy  Alice 
The Mission U.K.  Severina 
Elvis Costello & the Attractions  Oliver's Army 
Pop Will Eat Itself  Not Now James, We're Busy 
Air  Kelly Watch the Stars 
Forgotten Rebels  Evelyn Dick 
Morgentot  Layla 
The Velvet Underground  Lisa Says 
Tori Amos  Yes, Anastasia 


The concept here was taken from licoricewhipped -- make a mix of songs, the names of which spell out your name. I added in the restriction that the songs had to have a name in their titles.

It's somewhat unlistenable. Not because any of the tracks are terrible, but there's too much jarring contrast between styles of music.


Date: 3/19/2004
Interesting restrictions to place on yourself, and the artists and songs are just fine. It would be fun to try this and make it flow... fun and hard... especially since my real name is Fistybuns Slapptyback.