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Cassette | Theme
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Cassette | Mixed Genre


Side A
Artist Song
Bj├Ěrk  Cvalda 
The Octopus Project  What They Found 
Adam Green  Dance With Me [ep version] 
Aterciopelados  La Estaca 
The Clash  Guns of Brixton 
The Aquabats  Fight Song! 
The Capricorns  Nintendo Song 
Cat Galactica  Cheer 
Gravy Train!!!!  Laffin' All the Way... to the Bank! 
The Octopus Project  Righteous Ape and Bird 
Reel Big Fish  Gigantic [Pixes cover] 
Vive la FOte  Nuit Blanche 
Bis  Popstar Kill 
Madness  One Step Beyond 
Le Tigre  Deceptacon 
Side B
Bratmobile  Cool Schmool 
Gravy Train!!!!  You Made Me Gay 
The Capricorns  Teenage Boyfriend 
Cat Galactica  watershock 
The Octopus Project  The Way Things Go 
The Clash  Should I Stay or Should I Go 
X-Ray Spex  Oh Bondage, Up Yours! 
Vive la FOte  Mon Dieu 
Aterciopelados  Baracunata 
The Aquabats  Phantasma del Mar 
The Cure  Just Like Heaven 
Gravy Train!!!!  Hella Nervous 
Cat Galactica  This Japanese Yew 
The Octopus Project  Porno Disaster 
Bis  Heroin[e] 


another mix for a friend. This has a variety of themes, from electronic/keyboards to punk, noise, ska, latin, and just crazy. There isn't much of a gap on either end, something I strived for. It's a great upbeat mix. The Cure song perhaps does not fit well, but at that point it was difficult to find anything that would fit. Cat Galactica is my friend's solo keyboard thing from a few years ago. He would be VERY embarrassed if he found out I put his music on a tape. But it fit SO well.


rad jose12
Date: 9/2/2004
woah! i like this! what song is that Bis track from i totally don't recognise it!