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Fluffy White Rabbit

Artist Song
Broken Social Scene  Cause = Time 
The Von Bondies  C'mon C'mon 
The Stills  Lola Stars and Stripes 
The Walkmen  The Rat 
TV on the Radio  Satellite 
TV on the Radio  Young Liars 
The Liars feat. ESG  Tumbling Walls Buried Me in the Debris 
The Coral  Dreaming of You 
Spoon  Chicago at Night 
Spoon  Everything Hits at Once 
The Strokes  Under Control 
The Magnetic Fields  When My Boy Walks Down the Street 
The Ramones  Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue 
The Ramones  Now I Wanna Be a Good Boy 
The Damned  Neat Neat Neat 
Gang of Four  I Found that Essence Rare 
ESG  Erase You 
ESG  You're No Good 
Stereolab  Harmonium 
Stereolab  The Extension Trip 
Stereolab  Les Yper-sound 
The Bumblebeez  Fluffy White Rabbit 


Fluffy White Rabbit selected by Kingston Massive (a.k.a. DJ Bunny Love) 3.20.2004.
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Date: 3/24/2004
like it a lot and props to you on the great cover.