take me over

Artist Song
frankie lymon & the teenagers  why do fools fall in love 
hank williams sr.  i'm so lonesome i could cry 
neil young  dead man (theme) 
elliot smith  between the bars 
commander venus  do you feel at home? 
irving  i can't fall in love 
beat happening  run down the stairs 
beach boys  i'm waiting for the day 
clem snide  no one's more happy than you 
the microphones  headless horseman 
kimya dawson  time to think 
john coltrane  naima 
vincent gallo  her smell theme 


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Date: 3/24/2004
The Hank Williams tune is the most down song I can thing of but Naima doesn't take me there (down). I guess its the power of the music and your mind. Nice mix
short wave radio
Date: 5/31/2007
GREAT Frankie Lymon song. Loved that since I was kid.... in the 1990's. (I'm only 20 as is)
Of course, wonderful Elliogg Smith