Another Year Of Bad Luck: Of Lust and Loss -disc two: loss- (1/1/04)

Artist Song
Spitalfield  I Loved The Way She Said LA 
The Ataris  A Beautiful Mistake 
Better Than Ezra  Desperately Wanting 
Ben Folds Five  Missing The War 
The Stills  Still In Love Song 
No Doubt  By The Way 
Lewis  Feet On The Ground 
Barenaked Ladies  Thanks, That Was Fun 
Elliot  Carry On 
Azure Ray  New Resolution 
Beth Hart  LA Song 
Barenaked Ladies  Break Your Heart 
Fiona Apple  Love Ridden 
Even All Out  Simple 
Superchunk  Detroit Has A Skyline (acoustic) 
No Doubt  Don't Speak 
Cursive  The Recluse 
Duncan Sheik  She Runs Away 
Hundred Hands  Farewell 
Jimmy Eat World  A Table For Glasses 


Disc two of the "Lust and Loss" series.