why dont you just fucking play with me some more??

Artist Song
franz ferdinand  jacqueline 
elefant  bokkie 
interpol  obstacle 1 
the stills  love and death 
spoon  stay dont go 
i love you but ive chosen darkness  i want to die in the hot summer 
the von bondies   cmon cmon 
phantom planet  making a killing 
radio 4  our town 
the rapture  echoes 
the cansecos  this small disaster 
the walkmen  little house of savages 
the wrens  hopeless 
the strokes  hard to explain 
black rebel motorcycle club  love burns 


meh. hope you like it.


Date: 3/25/2004
man how I LOVE that black motorcycle song.
Date: 3/25/2004
I only know three songs on here, but I like them. I'd like to hear more. Want to trade?