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CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Theme - Depression
CD | Alternative - Goth Rock

A Public Service Announcement

Artist Song
Cat Stevens  Sitting 
Blake Babies  Train 
Alice Peacock  Some Things Get Lost 
Bob Dylan  Visions of Johanna (Live 1966) 
Berlin  For All Tomorrow's Lies 
B.J. Thomas  Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head 
Dusty Springfield  I Think it's Going to Rain Today 
Elliot Smith  I Better Be Quiet Now 
Elton John  Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me 
Ghost of an American Airman  Buried at Sea 
Glen Campbell  Witchita Lineman 
Groucho Marx  Everyone Says I Love You 
Beach Boys  In My Room 
Jill Sobule  Somewhere in New Mexico 
Simon & Garfunkel  April, Come She Will 
John Prine  Angel from Montgomery 
John Wesley Harding  Roy Orbison Knows (The Best Man's Song) 
Juliana Hatfield  Nirvana 
Guster   What You Wish For 
Cat Stevens  Trouble 
Marlee McLeod  In Trouble Again 
Phil Ochs  Changes 
Neil Diamond  Red, Red, Wine 
Nina Simone  Angel of the Morning 
Paul Westerberg   Self-Defense 
Bee Bees  I Can't See Nobody 
The Innocence Mission  Medjugorie 
Nick Drake  Fly 
Luciano Pavarotti  (Aria) Nessun Dorma (From Puccini's "Turandot") 
Kingston Trio  Scotch n' Soda 


This may be a little too personal to post on AOTM, but I've seen profound political statements so I suppose this is my turn. And trust me, it's entirely non-partisan.
This mix is actually two CDs I created from memory while away from my music for a while "resting". As sad some of these songs are, I believe in the end most are quite life-affirming. You be the judge. Melancholy can be nearly sweet, but depression can be downright vampiric.

I've spent some time recently (too long) in one of the Twin Cities finest facilities to "rest". Despite very competent treatment and medication I lapsed into quite a weakened mental state and nearly logged off for good. The details I'll spare you, friends.

But what I won't spare you is the plea for two things:

1. If you are having trouble with depression or know someone who is, please take the time to talk to them. Suicide/Depression is no joke and frankly, nothing (not even the greatest of friends), can competently deal with. Urge them ( or yourself) to get help-- it is no sign of weakness, friends, in fact it's quite easy. (I might add that it's not wrong to "nark" on them to their parents) Call 1-800-784-2433 (this is a general Suicide Hotline Number available 24-7). Follow up. Help your friend or help yourself. You're infinitely more important than an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend idiocy or a mistake(s) you made. Help is all over the place, really.

2. I charge everyone reading this to really take the opportunity to live life. Listen to some of the great music you're learning about on AOTM, share it with friends, and feel. And Feel. It's a far more fabulous world than many of us realize.

Sorry for the soapbox. Next few mixes won't have such an agenda....just hard to shake for the moment.

I wish you all a happy and healthy weekend.


Date: 3/27/2004
been there, done that...If you ever need to talk let me know. Sometimes we think to much. peace, love and happiness-and keep posting the mixes.
Date: 3/27/2004
Good choices--a nice mix of wallowing in depression and looking for hope. This would be perfect for those down days we all have.
seem i a saint
Date: 3/27/2004
this is beautiful.. and this is just just an assumption, but judging from your commentary, you are beautiful too.
Nest of Vipers
Date: 3/27/2004
I love Groucho's version... Made me "aaawwww" out loud when I saw it. The other tracks I know on this mix (and there are several) are ones I think are quite lovely too.
Date: 7/19/2004
thank you so much for sharing this.