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A movie script ending

Artist Song
junior senior  move your feet 
dismemberment plan  a life of possibilities (feat Quruli/Noise McCartney)  
that dog.   until the day i die 
french kicks  close to modern 
kind of like spitting  little time bomb (billy bragg cover) 
Copeland  take care 
azure ray  raining in athens 
sunny day real estate  shadows 
spoon  the way we get by 
the blood brothers   ambulance vs. ambulance 
ash  burn baby burn 
moving units  between us and them 
papas fritas  we've got all night 
neutral milk hotel  song against sex 
rent  seasons of love 
desaprecidos  hole in one 
engine down  patent on the better 
flaming lips  when you smile 
xiu xiu  fabulous muscles (mama black widow) 
june of 44  southeast of boston 
denali  hold your breathe 
the reindeer section  strike me down 
of montreal  old familiar way 
rilo kiley  with arms outstretched 
the long winters  scent of lime 
apollo sunshine  i was on the moon 


A collection of songs i think would be good songs to put at the end of a movie.


avant gardening
Date: 3/27/2004
some good stuff on there...i really love that moving units song, and i like most of those bands on there..copeland is really the only band i don't care too much for, other than that, seems like a great selection.