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The Last Song, Disc Three

Artist Song
queen  the show must go on 
dishwalla  when morning comes 
depeche mode  waiting for the night 
tori amos  tear in your hand 
nine inch nails  just like you imagined 
oblivion dust  next big thing 
silverchair  hollywood 
delerium  wisdom 
art garfunkel  bright eyes 
joydrop  over + under 
lamb  soft mistake 
the golden palominos  ride 
rem  leave 
queensryche  anybody listening? 
david bowie  rock n roll suicide 
x japan  the last song 


See Disc One for description.


phat grrl
Date: 3/27/2004
This is really, really, really amazing. You actually spent time on it, is this for a screenplay or just for a story you wrote? I'd love to see the original storyline- if you could send it to me, I would love that. This is one of the best mixes I've seen on here in a while.
Date: 3/27/2004
I'm not well acquainted with many of the bands on all 3 discs (although I know more on discs 2 and 3) but that's a REALLY cool idea. I'm very impressed by your creativity, and song selection of the songs I actually know.
DJ Kira Rei
Date: 12/22/2004
Superb! I have'nt been able to find a better mix anywhere for what I need. If you can burn a copy for me of all three, I can use it in my next rave which would rule!