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the buggled and the botched

Artist Song
eels  the good old days 
jet  get what you need 
john vanderslice  pale horse 
the trews  every inambition 
the shazam  sunshine tonight 
stereophonics  madame helga 
the vines  ride 
the weakerthans  this is a fire door never leave open 
r.e.m.  star me kitten 
haven  let it live 
pj harvey  this is love 
nelly furtado  powerless (say what you want) 
shudder to think  ballad of maxwell demon 
david bowie  quicksand 
elton john  i want love 
phantom planet  the happy ending 


Half of the time I pretend that I'm fine and I keep it inside I keep it inside but every inambition is dying crying outside I'm crying outside. ('Quicksand' is on here for a "Famous" friend up in Canada.) Cheers & Enjoy!
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Date: 3/28/2004
Very nice mix, but too much depression going on these days. Wanna talk?
Date: 3/29/2004
Aww shucks buddy...including a song for me?! I'm getting a little misty up here. Good choices all, though as usual due to geography there are several bands on here I don't recognize. You know, while he's treading in the "adult contemporary" waters, I don't think there's anything wrong with enjoying a little Elton. "I Want Love" especially is such a lonely and emotional song, with a really cool video to boot. Good to see you're digging The Trews. Cheers! -Famous- (PS...Check out my blog to see some stuff I've been up to).