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To Macaulay Culkin on his 21st Birthday

Artist Song
Neil Young  Old Man 
Beatles  Hard Day's Night 
Kris Kross  Jump 
Tribe Called Quest  Award Tour 
Madonna  Take a Bow 
Johnny Cash  Ring of Fire 
The Donnas  Rock 'n' Roll Machine 
Beastie Boys   Hey Ladies 
Sting   I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying 
Neil Young  Heart of Gold 
Billy Joel  C'Etait Toi 
Beach Boys  Wouldn't It Be Nice 
Bob Dylan  Sara 
Bobby Darin  Mack The Knife 
Leonard Cohen  Tower of Song 


Macaulay Culkin's life, according to the tabloids, from the age of ten on, summed up in fifteen songs. His 21st Birthday is still several months away, but I thought I'd get a head start. An explanation of the tracks: Neil Young's "Old Man" is a prologue. Tracks 2-5 deal with his career and early stardom. Tracks 6 and 9 deal with his family troubles. Track 7 sums up his supposedly decadent adolescence. Track 8 comes from an interview with his friend Eddie Kaye Thomas (Finch from "American Pie")about one girl at his school once approached him, asking him to "rape" her. "Heart of Gold" sums the supposed loneliness and trauma of his adolescence. Tracks 11 through 13 deal with his early marriage to Rachel Miner. Substitute the name "Sara" for "Rachel" and the Bob Dylan's song fits perfectly into the mix, summing up their recent separation (supposedly Rachel broke up the marriage). "Mack the Knife" is about his attempt to make a comeback, as he will soon appear on the London Stage in "Madame Melville". Leonard Cohen's "Tower of Song" is the epilogue, as Macaulay has lived through more troubles and experiences at age 20 than most people live though in their lifetime. I apologize for the lack of lesser known tracks, but that's how it ended up. A corny subject to make a mix tape on, but I'm fascinated by him and his life.
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El Gato Boxeador
Date: 10/13/2000
Great job...belisimo!
Date: 12/6/2000
Well done!!
Date: 3/11/2001
You can't have a Macaulay Culkin tribute without having a song devoted to his early years which is done by Michael Jackson. "P.Y.T." would be perfect. That's just blasphemy.