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I Went Back To Ohio

Artist Song
Bone Thugs N Harmony (Cleveland, OH)  Crossroads 
Guided By Voices (Dayton, OH)  Awful Bliss 
The Ohio Players (Dayton, OH)  Love Rollercoaster 
Devo (Akron, OH)  Whip It 
The Breeders (Dayton, OH)  Cannonball 
Bootsy Collins (Cincinnati, OH)  Be With You 
The Isley Brothers (Cincinnati, OH)  Who's That Lady 
Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl, b. Warren, OH)  Learn To Fly 
Screamin' Jay Hawkins (Cleveland, OH)  I Put A Spell On You 
The Deadboys(Cleveland, OH)  Son of Sam 
Marilyn Manson (Akron, OH)  User Friendly 
Dean Martin (Stubenville,OH)  Volare 
The Waitresses (Cleveland, OH)  I Know What Boys Like 
Afghan Wigs (Cincinnati, OH)  66 
The O'Jays (Canton, OH)  Love Train 
The electric Eels (Cleveland, OH)  Jaguar Ride 
The Dazz Band (Cleveland, OH)  Let It Whip 
Nine Inch Nails (Cleveland, OH)  Hurt 
The Moonglows (Cleveland, OH)  Blue Velvet 
Macy Gray (Canton, OH)  Why Didn't You Call Me 
Over The Rhine (Cincinnati,OH)  I Will Remember You 
The Pretenders (Chrissy Hynde, b. Akron, OH)  My City Was Gone 


An exploration of the music of Ohio. All of the bands have some connection to my home state. A member was born there and/or the band originated in Ohio. I guess Ohio really is the heart of it all. At least that's what the sign says when you cross the stateline.


Date: 4/2/2004
very diverse range of artistes!
Date: 4/2/2004
WAY TO GO OHIOOOOO!!! I am here now :)
Date: 4/2/2004
Lovin it here in Cincinnati...