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We Ran Out of CD's

Artist Song
westside connection  world domination intro 
westside connection  bow down 
hikaru utada  kingdom hearts theme 
simon and garfunkle  feelin' groovy 
strangefolk  gin and juice 
outkast  hey ya (with special intro) 
tenacious d  drive thru 
styx  renegade 
jackson browne  the load out 
jackson browne  stay 
gettup kids  mass pike 
queen  bohemian rhapsody 
tenacious d  hard fucking 
jesus christ superstar  could we start again please 
kidney thieves  crazy 
wyclef jean  perfect gentleman 
the pogues with joe strummer  london calling 
damien rice  cannonball 


okay so 4 people (four theatre people who have been working their asses off all semester) in one car for 14 hours makes it possible to run out of cd's you are all interested in listening to... having my computer in the car with us proved to be an excellent idea... this was a mix made while we were passing through new york city from MA on the way to NC for spring break... it makes no sense at all and we all realize this but it's fun and everyone liked everything on it... something we thought could never happen... it's all good stuff to either drive to or sing to or just laugh at... everything is associated with something or someone... i guess if you could have "inside mixes" then this is it


Date: 6/4/2006
I LOVE the idea. I'll have to try it sometime!!