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MP3 Playlist | Mixed Genre

I Have Stood Here Before Inside the Pouring Rain...

Side A
Artist Song
Rolling Stones  Wild Horses  
Cowboy Junkies  Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning 
The Beatles  Here, There, and Everywhere 
U2  With or Without You 
The Beach Boys  Don't Worry Baby 
The Verve  Lucky Man 
Paul Simon  Diamonds On The Souls of Her Shoes 
Bob Marley  Redemption Song 
The Turtles  Happy Together 
Chris Isaak  Wicked Game 
Prince  Purple Rain 
Counting Crows  A Long December 
Pete Townshed  Let My Love Open the Door 
Sarah McLachlan  Angel 
Madonna  Live To Tell 
John Lennon  Imagine 
The Doors  People Are Strange 
Garth Brooks  The Dance 
Side B
-Theme Song- 
-The Best Friend- 
-Romantic Life- 
-All Time Favorite Song- 
-From The 1st Band You Ever Liked- 
-A Reminder of School Days- 
-From Your First Concert- 
-The Prozac Alternative- 
-Feel Good Song- 
-All About Sex- 
-Reminder of Youth- 
-Your Favorite Season- 
-When I Think of You- 
-Breakup Song- 
-Makes You Sad- 
_Hope For The Future- 
-General View of The World- 
-You Want Played at Your Funeral-   


Another criteria mix, this one suggested by MoodyLady...and good lord was this one a hard one to assemble! (Took me about 3 weeks to come up with 'em all, wanted to do my best to make this one flow...unlike my Frankenmix). Couple notes...My girlfriend was able to pick my theme song easier than I could, how weird is that??...Best Friend song was chosen about a concert we went to together...Romantic life was a song chosen to describe my romantic track record...Moody wanted a song that makes me cry, unfortunately songs don't really do that, but I did include one that makes me sad...and the youth song is dedicated to my 4 cousins who were instumental in getting me into music. Title comes from my favorite song by The Police. Cheers! -Famous.
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Date: 4/3/2004
Nice, real nice! I've been thinking of doing done of these 'challenge' mixes just to do some mixing. I notice most of these artists would be considered "classic" artists, mine would probably have more of a modern look to it. I really love that Pete Townshed song, I just wish I could get images of his recent battle with the police out of my head. "Imagine" and "People are Strange" are perfect choices for those two criteria (I can't say I can think of better picks). All in all, it's a fine mix! Take care.
The Mistress of the Dark
Date: 4/3/2004
Famous your mix rocks! I especially love your general world view song.
Date: 4/3/2004
I ALSO love your general world view song, thats just a great pick!
Date: 4/8/2004
I saw this last weekend but didn't have time to check it out ...It's a great idea and I like your choices. I'm going to give it a shot myself...might take awhile!
Date: 4/8/2004
stealing the idea as well.
Date: 4/8/2004
Now THIS is a theme that I must get behind. I'm at a net cafe right now, but I will have to remember to research this some more, + then get this all started. You're mixes are gold, +... shit, you know my thoughts already, dontcha?! Well done, indeed. Out.
DJ Quinn
Date: 12/25/2004
I know I'm late to the party on this one, but what a great idea!!