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i know now what i knew then but i didn't know then what i know now

Artist Song
Radiohead  Idioteque 
The Streets  Don't Mug Yourself 
Spoon  Back To The Life 
Modest Mouse  Jesus Christ Was An Only Child 
Flaming Lips  Plastic Jesus 
Beatles  You Never Give Me Your Money 
Bright Eyes  Going For The Gold 
Cake  Friend Is A Four Letter Word 
Barenaked Ladies  Maybe Katie 
The Strokes  12:51 
The Vines  Ride 
Beatles  And Your Bird Can Sing 
School of Rock  School of Rock 
Queens Of The Stone Age  Give The Mule What He Wants 
Green Day  Going To Pasalacqua 
Foo Fighters  Darling Nikki 
Bright Eyes  The City Has Sex 
John Vanderslice  Heated Pool And Bar 
Cursive  Eight Light Minutes 
The Shins  Fighting In A Sack 
Jack Johnson  Drink The Water 


title from modest mouse "jesus christ was an only child".


Joy Olivia
Date: 4/3/2004
Oooh! Love that you have Foo's "Darling Nikki" cover right before Bright Eyes' "The City Has Sex"... great placement! What a mix. I'm glad you posted it. And I'm not just saying that because it includes one of my all-time favorite Cake songs either. Okay, so maybe that influenced me just a pinch. :)