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Woo Me With the Truth

Artist Song
The Eels  Everything's Gonna Be Cool this Christmas 
The Clash  Rock the Casbah 
DaVinci's Notebook  Title of the Song 
The Turtles  You, Baby 
Martina McBride  I Love You 
Age of Electric  Aphrodisiac Smile 
Manu Chao  Bongo Bong (Drum and Bass Remix) 
Paul Muriat Orchestra  Love is Blue 
Modern English  Melt For You  
Intermission  Monty Python 
Barry White  Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe 
Green Day  Pop Rocks and Coke 
Faith Hill  The Way You Love Me 
Billy Joel  You May Be Right 
Queen  You're My Best Friend 
The Mr. T Experience  Swiss Army Girlfriend 
Aerosmith  Love in an Elevator 
Matthew Sweet  Sick of Myself 
Clay Aiken  Love of My Life 
Phil Collins  You'll Be in My Heart 


Conversation resulting in the album title:
My boyfriend, Matt: [insert compliment here]
Me: Are you trying to woo me?
Matt: ...with the TRUTH?

Thus, "Woo Me with the Truth" came to be cerca Christmas 2004. I realize that it features Clay Aiken. Shut up.

Aside from the mushy ending, it has many redeeming factors, such as "Swiss Army Girlfriend" which is about a masogenist idiot who says, regarding his girlfriend,
"She slices, dices, and more.
She can handle any household chore.
And I love the feel
of the stainless steel
when we're rolling all around on the floor."

I love it.

Also, there is not a person in the free world who doesn't like "Rock the Casbah." It rocks. ...Casbah.


Date: 4/4/2004
very truthful. me likes.