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I love you how???

Artist Song
The Ataris  IOU One Galaxy 
Nikki Webster  Crazy 'bout Your Smile 
Herman's Hermits  I'm Into Something Good 
Jefferson Starship  We Built This City 
Jakaranda  Never Let You Go 
Happatai  Yatta 
Sly and the Family Stone  Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself Again 
Mae  Soundtrack to Our Movie 
Sheriff  When I'm With You 
Crew Cuts  Sh-Boom 
The Sweet  Pappa Joe 
The Darkness  I Believe in a Thing Called Love 
Kosaka Riyu  Candy (Heart) 
Goldfinger  Radio 
Bubbles  My Boyfriend 
The Association  Windy 
Nikki Hassman  Adore You 
Bad English  When I See You Smile 
REM  Be Mine 


This was a Valentine's Day gift for the elusive Matt, who introduced me to a Web site called Ebaum's World. On this site, there is a music video in which an early teenage boy sings the song "Aicha" and dances. It is very poorly edited. In the song, there is a line that says, "She moves, she moves like a breeze." Before he sings the line, there is a "POW" bubble with "She moves how???" typed inside. The cover features "I love you how???" inside a similar "POW" bubble.

This is one of my favorite mixes, mostly because it took me forever and a half (1.5 forevers) to put it together. I always try to open with an upbeat rocker and end with something that will make you cry. In the middle, I usually put an intermission, but, as I had used Offspring's and Monty Python's intermissions before, I decided to go with Sh-Boom, a slow-tempo number. The other artists got to rest, and the audience had a chance to go and make popcorn before Act II.

The highlight of the mix is certainly "My Boyfriend" by Bubbles that declares the following:
"My boyfriend, he loves me.
He loves me very much.
My boyfriend, he's special.
We always keep in touch.
He's funny, my honey.
He loves me very much.
My boyfrie-hend, so fine."

I look forward to the day that this song becomes #1. Or the day that a giant, talking hamster is elected president. Whichever comes first.