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oh the heavy water how it enfolds/ the salt, the spray, the gorgeous undertow

Artist Song
tullycraft  sweet 
the beach boys  she knows me too well 
stars  elevator love letter 
mirah  pretty eyes 
the minders  almost arms 
the flaming lips  fight test 
the fiery furnaces  tropical ice-land (single version) 
the hidden cameras  ban marriage 
television personalities  the boy in the paisley shirt 
british sea power  carrion 
the elected  greetings in braille 
the blue aeroplanes  careful boy 
yoko ono  o'oh 
dressy bessy  extra-ordinary 
jonathon richman  give paris one more chance 
violent femmes  please do not go 
ed harcourt  apple of my eye 


I made this mix a few days ago to celebrate what I thought was the start of spring here in Montreal. Then last night it snowed again. Oh well.