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Thursday 3/28/04 Recher Theatre

Artist Song
Thursday  For The Workforce, Drowning 
Thursday  Paris In Flames 
Thursday  Between Rupture And Rapture 
Thursday  I Am The Killer 
Thursday  Understanding In A Car Crash 
Thursday  How Long Is The Night? 
Thursday  Cross Out The Eyes 
Thursday  Signals Over The Air 
Thursday  Jet Black New Year 
Thursday  This Song Is Brought To You By A Falling Bomb 
Thursday  M. Shepard 
Thursday  Division St. 
Thursday  War All The Time 
Thursday  Autobiography Of A Nation 


The setlist Thursday played at the above concert.


Lt Mou
Date: 4/6/2004
Ah,the Rec. I'm seeing Sleater-Kinney there(or at the 9:30) in a couple weeks. Good stuff.