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This Week Only, See The Amazing Jesus Seal

Artist Song
The Kinks  Entertainment 
Shel Silverstein  Freakin' At The Freakers Ball 
Chumbawamba  Hey Hey We're The Junkies 
Soul Coughing  Monster Man 
Red Elvises  Welcome To The Freakshow 
Mr. Bungle  Vanity Fair 
Shane MacGowan And The Popes  Truck Drivin' Man 
Alien Fashion Show  Catwalk 
Eels  Bus Stop Boxer 
Edward Scissorhands Soundtrack  Storytime 
Tom Waits  In The Colosseum 
Beck  Hollywood Freaks 
Oingo Boingo  Helpless (Live) 
They Might Be Giants  Cyclops Rock 
Louis Prima  Just A Gigolo 
Savatage  Back To A Reason 
Double Naught Spy Car  Hybrid Vigor 
Tom Lehrer  George Murphy 
The Presidents Of The United States Of America  Froggie 
Candy Butchers  Bells On A Leper 
Supreme Beings Of Leisure  Freezer 
Spacehog  The Horror 
Green Day  King For A Day 
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  Madamina, Il Catalogo 
Grandaddy  Laughing Stock 
Leningrad Cowboys  Fat Bob Dollop 
David Poe  Deathwatch For A Living Legend 


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