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Robot Dick

Artist Song
Klute  Psycho Somatic 
Dykast  H-Def 
Crossfire  Firebolt 
Dykast  Amnesia 
Universal Project  Danger Chamber 
Bad Company  Mass Hysteria (Hive Remix) 
JB + Benny Blanco  Demon Eyes 
Cujo  Biters 
Mosus + Killjoy  I Like It Ruff 
Drumsound + Simon   Drain Pipe 
DJ Abstract  Now Is The Time 
Deep Roots  Critical 
Dragonsword  Silent Fury (Polar Remix) 
Black Sun Empire  Gun Cellar 
Arqer  Alien Miscarriage VIP 
Concord Dawn  Raining Blood 
Klute  Evo Sniffer 
Echo  Out Of Time 
Eye D  Unicorn MF (Black Sun Empire Remix) 
Kryptic Minds + Leon Switch  Blueprint 
DJ Damage  Screaming Soul 


Robot Dick is The Soccer Mom + The Flamingo King.

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This studio mix was recorded October 2003.