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transylvanian concubines in gingerbread coffins quit the forest

Artist Song
Rasputina  Hunter's Kiss 
Rasputina  How We Quit The Forest 
Rasputina  Christian Soldiers 
Rasputina  Sign Of The Zodiac 
Rasputina  Transylvanian Concubine 
Rasputina  Stumpside 
Rasputina  Rose K 
Rasputina  Endomorph 
Rasputina  Crosswalk 
Rasputina  Mr. E. Leon Rauis 
Rasputina  New Zero 
Rasputina  Remnants Of Percy Bass 
Rasputina  Mayfly 
Rasputina  Dwarf Star 
Rasputina  Dig Ophelia 
Rasputina  Howard Hughes 
Rasputina  Rusty The Skate Maker 
Rasputina  My Orphanage 
Rasputina  The Donner Party 
Rasputina  Rats 
Rasputina  Five Fleas 
Rasputina  Herb Girls Of Birkenau 
Rasputina  Antique High Hell Red Doll Shoes 
Rasputina  Diamond Mind 
Rasputina  Sister Sleep 
Rasputina  Gingerbread Coffin 


I really need to pick up the new one...


Date: 4/13/2004
you must get the new one! it's glorious. nice mix.
Date: 4/24/2004
Man, I need to get more Rasputina albums. I only have "Thanks for the Ether." How many albums does this mix draw on?
Date: 4/25/2004
it draws on 3; thanks for the ether, how we quit the forest and cabin fever. all of which are superb, btw.