i dream of macaulay

Artist Song
being john malkovich  retard 
the 5 6 7 8's  woo hoo 
xbxrx  track 1 
crack: we are rock  our friend sisyphus 
da hawnay troof  make me sik 
jim carroll  people who died 
teenage jesus and the jerks  less of me 
metal urbain  snuff movie 
the cramps  bikini girls with machine guns 
hang on the box  yellow banana 
odb ft kelis  baby i got your money 
john spencer blues explosion  dang 
beat happening  bad seeds 
missy elliott  let me fix my weave 
link wray  the swag 
babyland  double coupon 
the sick lipstick  go to bed! 
huggy bear  obesity + speed in 15 refractions 
pansy division  luv luv luv 
felix da housecat  money success fame glamour 
no more  suicide commando 
neil young  dead man theme 


exciting & schizophrenic mix for my brother.
i made a copy for myself.
image for mix