badly drawn girl

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this is the beginning of forever + ever

Side A
Artist Song
placebo  pure morning 
blur  miss america 
dubstar  stars 
underworld  confusion the waitress 
pulp  this is hardcore 
arab strap  here we go 
doves  break me gently 
placebo  scared of girls 
portishead  glory box 
Side B
my life story   12 reasons why i love her 
gene  love won't work 
puressence  i suppose 
pj harvey  a perfect day elise 
folk implosion  kingdom of lies 
remy zero  gramayre 
placebo  without you i'm nothing 
portishead  roads 
shea seger  the last time 


formerly known as the obsessive relationship album. let me tell you about my fucked up ex-boyfriend...(the one, incidentally, for whom my subsequent "i am not i" mix was made for...go figure).


Date: 2/13/2001
She does it again...another masterpiece. This is Hardcore hypnotized me the first time I heard it, I've had it stuck in my head for the past three years. I gotta tell you, these are the best mixes I've ever seen. Much praise should be showered upon you. Cheers, TED