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on a friday

Artist Song
radiohead  permanent daylight 
radiohead  high and dry (live) 
radiohead  i might be wrong 
radiohead  fake plastic trees (live and acoustic) 
radiohead  black star 
radiohead  pyramid song 
radiohead  exit music (for a film) 
radiohead  lucky 
radiohead  bullet proof...i wish i was 
radiohead  like spinning plates 
radiohead  banana co. (acoustic) 
radiohead  let down 
radiohead  airbag 
radiohead  sail to the moon 
radiohead/UNKLE  rabbit in your headlights 
radiohead  how to disappear completely 


a collection of my favorite radiohead songs


Date: 4/14/2004
In theory I should have no problem with any Radiohead mix, seeing as they're probably the band of my life, but you've actually managed to pick some of my faves :).