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CD | Theme - Romantic

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Artist Song
Brand New  Mix Tape 
Wilco  Heavy Metal Drummer 
Even In Blackouts  If Leaving Were To Be So Easy 
Rainer Maria  The Awful Truth of Loving 
No Doubt  Don't Speak 
Dashboard Confessional  Standard Lines 
Ben Harper  Another Lonely Day 
Cake  Never There 
Black Eyed Peas  Shut Up 
Bouncing Souls  Wish Me Well (You Can Go To Hell) 
Ben Folds Five  Song For The Dumped 
Alkaline Trio  Stupid Kid 
Saves The Day  Anywhere With You 
No Doubt  Ex-Girlfriend 
Dashboard Confessional  Saints and Sailors 
Hot Rod Circuit  The Pharmacist 
Jimmy Eat World  If You Don't, Don't 
Rancid  Tropical London 
Saves The Day  Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off To Heaven 
Unwritten Law  Before I Go 


ok. the story behind the mix. well, the 1st song is obviously introducing the mix, then is followed by songs that are about a relationship thats kinda "on the rocks" if you will, then of course there's the break up, and then the resentful/bitter after-period, which then eventually progresses into the acceptance of the break up, and is finally ended with the attitude of personal growth from the relationship and realization that it really was worth it. yes, it is a personal mix, which is why i chose 'before i go' to end with. it has a lot of sentimental value to me. oh, and it's why i put in 'heavy metal drummer'... my ex-bf is a drummer for a local punk band, and he bought a double bass petal for his drum set and listens to motorhead... haha silly boys. so yah. that one can be taken out if needed to. it's just there for personal reasons. the end.
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Date: 4/23/2004
Some great songs, good emo stuff but Black Eyed Peas?...oh my god!!!!!!!!!! shame shame!
dope sick girl
Date: 4/25/2004
umm...ok.. since the whole point of a narrative is to tell a story using lyrics, and the lyrics to that particular black eyed peas song just so happened to express how i was feeling at that period of my life, so... yeah, that makes COMPLETE sense why I shouldn't have that song in there.
Date: 8/2/2004
you cant start a mix with "Mix Tape" and not be sad by the end of it. wow i like this
Date: 8/13/2004
i know where you're coming from on this one. this is like the soundtrack to my ex. 75% of these bands lived in my ex's CD-changer... kinda sentimental for me too. nice one.
Date: 8/13/2004
haha i just noticed Wish Me Well by the Bouncing Souls on there! we used to be able to do a double-act re-inactment of that song perfectly.

hmm... awww i'm sad now.