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.when we open our eyes & dream ... we open our eyes.

Artist Song
the rapture  love is all 
snow patrol  mahogany 
beulah  you're only king once 
brendan benson  ain't it just like me 
the delgados  coming in from the cold 
rilo kiley  always 
the decemberists  shiny 
tegan & sara  frozen 
the wrens  happy 
the cocteau twins  cherry coloured funk 
the postal service  sleeping in 
beck  all in your mind 
blind melon  life ain't so shitty 


a mix made for my dear-dear friend James, who sometimes finds it hard to look on the bright side of life ... something to let him know he's on my mind


Date: 4/18/2004
the delgados, rilo, rists, and tps make this super sweet. well done.