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sad bastard mix for matt, who may or may not be awesome.

Artist Song
m. ward  vincent o'brien 
mark eitzel  then it really happens 
pj harvey  this mess we're in 
leonard cohen  bird on a wire 
tindersticks  trouble every day 
wilco  jesus, etc. 
phil ochs  the scorpion departs but never returns 
bonnie 'prince' billy  i see a darkness 
tom waits  dirt in the ground 
the the  bluer than midnight 
neko case & her boyfriends  in california 
the magnetic fields  i don't believe in the sun 
lambchop  the man who loved beer 
big star  holocaust 
smog  to be of use 
the mountain goats  no children 
simon & garfunkel  the only living boy in new york 
scott walker  the amorous humphrey plugg 


so my new friend matt really likes depressing songs. i enjoy a depressing song or two as well, so we decided to make sad bastard mixes for each other and see who could put together the best one. i gave him an advantage and let him use famous blue raincoat. but i still think i put together a darn good sad one.
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lipstick vogue
Date: 4/18/2004
nice mix with an awesome cover
Wild Mercury Sound
Date: 4/18/2004
this looks really good...Jesus etc is the funkiest depression song ever!
Date: 4/18/2004
big points for 'only living boy in new york'
Date: 4/19/2004
a lot of stellar songs on here. nice mix.
Date: 4/19/2004
whew... this rules. strong through and through.
Date: 4/20/2004
Cool mix, cool cover.
Date: 4/22/2004
I like your mix, and I admire Web Cam nudity.
Pop Kulcher
Date: 4/26/2004
Yep, it's a darn good sad one. And without even resorting to Joy Division. "Holocaust" is definitely one of those tunes I reach for if I'm in a pissy mood and want to stay there (or maybe something by Neutral Milk Hotel or, as I mentioned, JD) -- but the S&G track is a nice surprise, one of those perfect songs I love but tends to be overlooked by people too damn cool to admit liking 'em.