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Artist Song
Eels  Saturday Morning 
Flaming Lips  Brainville 
Kate Price  Mystic Warrior 
Starlight Mints  Sir Prize 
The Blasters  Barefoot Rock 
Blur  Top Man 
Tom Waits  Little Boy Blue 
Candy Butchers  Sparkle! 
Boy O Boy  Purple Ska 
Dave Matthews Band  Ants Marching (Live) 
David Byrne  Make Believe Mambo 
Secret Chiefs 3  Zulfikar II 
The Kinks  Wonderboy 
Trans-Siberian Orchestra  The Three Kings And I (What Really Happened) 
Red Elvises  Red Lips, Red Eyes, Red Stockings (Live) 
Oingo Boingo  Whole Day Off 
Sugarcubes  Deus (Live) 
The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack  Oogie Boogie's Song 
Soul Coughing  Moon Sammy 
Steve Burns  Mighty Little Man 
The Magnetic Fields  Long-Forgotten Fairytale 
Arrogant Worms  Things Are Looking Bad For Santa 
Leningrad Cowboys  Matushka 
Peter Mathers  Trance Samba 
Moxy Fruvous  King Of Spain 
The Brian Setzer Orchestra  Hoodoo Voodoo Doll 
Spacehog  Skylark 
Marcy Playground  It's Saturday 


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jim k
Date: 4/18/2004
the flips, byrne, waits, n.b.c soundtrack, sugarcubes ... nice. though, I'm not sure I understand the floating bloody animal head graphic. I approve, regardless.