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Artist Song
Liz Phair  Turning Japanese 
Rage Against the Machine  Fuck the Police 
Foo Fighters  Baker Street 
Afghan Whigs  Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe 
Madonna  Fever 
Letters to Cleo  I Want You to Want Me 
the Lemonheads  Mrs. Robinson 
Outkast  My Favorite Things 
Jack Black  Let's Get It On 
Geri Halliwell  It's Raining Men 
Dynamite Hack  Boyz in the Hood 
the Gourds  Gin & Juice 
the Cure  Creep 
Tori Amos  Lovesong 
Fiona Apple  Across the Universe 
Smashing Pumpkins  Landslide 
Deftones  No Ordinary Love 


Grrr...friggin' website deleted my mix when I tried to edit it. So here it is again. Lots of stuff I've used on other mixes, and lots of live stuff.


avant gardening
Date: 4/18/2004
i submit "covering our asses"
avant gardening
Date: 4/18/2004
looks cool, i definitely think that the deftones cover you should've picked is "the chauffeur", duran duran cover, executed amazingly. calla also do a great cover of "mother sky by can", cool stuff though, i love covers.