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Narrative {a love poem in song}

Artist Song
the velvet underground  here she comes now 
the beta band  she's the one 
wilco  my darling 
idaho  before you go 
wilco  say you miss me 
billie holiday  please tell me how 
wilco  someday soon 
zwan  come with me 
the beta band  I know 
wilco  can't stand it 
howie day  she says 
white stripes  I can't wait 
idaho  to be the one 
jimmy eat world  for me this is heaven 
whiskeytown  don't be sad 
the only think I care about 
the velvet underground  there she goes again 


Here she comes now, she's the one. "My darling, before you go say you miss me. Please tell me how someday soon you'll come with me." "I know, I can't stand it," she says, "I can't wait to be the one. For me that would be heaven... But don't be sad, the only thing I care about is you." There she goes again. This is a love story to the woman of my dreams... and yes, I know it's wilco-heavy, but their song titles were so easy to work into a story... And I'm a sucker for the cheesy VU parallelism. (and, well, she liked it so that's what counts, right)?
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Date: 4/22/2004
I dig it, man. I love the way that the track names flow together. It's really good. I dig it.