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Alternative Lobster

Artist Song
Mekons  Where Were You 
Ramones  Teenage Lobotomy 
Anarchy In The U.K.  Sex Pistols 
No Fun  The Stooges 
I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.  The Clash 
Alternative Ulster  Stiff Little Fingers 
Suck Suck 
Working Men Are Pissed  Minutemen 
Kill The Poor  Dead Kennedys 
I Shot The Devil  Suicidal Tendencies 
I   Bad Brains 
I Don't Wanna Go Out 
T.V. Party  Black Flag 
Judy Is A Punk  Ramones 
White Riot  The Clash 
Orphans  Lydia Lunch 
t.v. eye  The Stooges 
Six Pack   Black Flag 
White Riot  The Clash 
Nitroglycerine  The Gories 
Corona  Minutemen 
loose  The Stooges 
Styrofoam  Fugazi 
Pretty Vacant  Sex Pistols 
I Saw Your Mommy  Suicidal Tendencies 
Cashing In   Minor Threat 
#1 Hit Song  Minutemen 
Manamana  The Muppets 


I am beginning to hate "punk" mixes; the ones that are either an intro to.. or a summarization of... that sort of thing. Anyway this looks exactly like one of those mixes which either makes me a hypocrite or some self-loathing misanthrope or some combination of both. Usual story, I made it for someone I know whose musical repertoire could use a little broadening. The title comes from that person's misinterpretation of the Stiff Little Finger's song.


Date: 4/24/2004
ha! love this
Date: 4/24/2004
Great title - I'll never hear the SLF song the same way again.
lo-fi jr.
Date: 4/24/2004
Any primer that contains such advanced lessons as Lydia Lunch, Australia's X & the recommended daily requirement of Stooges is awright. Oh yeah, Animal is my fave punk drummer too.