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Dedicated to the One I Love (She Loves Me Not)

Side A
Artist Song
Nine Inch Nails  Somewhat Damaged 
NIN  wish 
NIN  i do not want this 
NIN  Underneath It All 
NIN  something i can never have 
Bright Eyes  The Calendar Hung Itself... 
Blink 182  dammit 
Side B
Tool  Eon Blue Apocalypse 
Tool  The Patient 
Tool  H. 
A Perfect Circle  Orestes 
human waste project  Electra 
human waste project  Drowned 
Flaw  My Letter 


Date Done: April 13-14, 2004
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Date: 4/26/2004
Kinda very repetitive, but I dig NIN + Tool, so I guess I shouldn't complain. APC is lovely too. 2nd time today I saw that Bright Eyes song. + once again, my theory proves correct. Bad memories corrode the safe places you keep the good 1s, so be warned + don't hold on too tightly to the bad things. Out.