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Cassette | Mixed Genre
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Cassette | Mixed Genre

I Love L.A.

Side A
Artist Song
Michael Jackson  Thriller 
Toni Basil  You Gotta Problem 
Jools Holland  Like I Do To You 
Randy Newman  I Love L.A. 
Dire Straits  Twistin' By The Pool 
Freddy Cannon  Pallisades Park 
Abe Schenckle  The Music Lover 
Reggie Knighton  Highway Patrol 
The Tubes  T.V. Is King 
Tonio K.  Mars Needs Women 
Mike Wilhelm  Styrofoam 
Tom Tom Club  Under The Boardwalk 
Missing Persons  Walkin' In L.A. 
Side B
David Byrne / Brian Eno / Kathryn Kuhlman  The Jezebel Spirit (Original Version) 
The Monkees  Goin' Down 
Randy Newman  Take Me Back 
Devo  That's Good 
Commercial  Spam 
Elvis Costello  Party Party 
Joe Jackson  Chinatown / T.V. Age 
Flash & The Pan  Media Man 
Jools Holland  Bumble Boogie 
Joe Piscopo (Sinatra)  Rock & Roll Medley 
Alan Price  O Lucky Man