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Cassette | Mixed Genre
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Cassette | Mixed Genre


Side A
Artist Song
Peewee Herman  Thanks For Buying My Record! 
Missing Persons  Words 
Warren Zevon  Lawyers, Guns & Money 
Ry Cooder  Down In Hollywood 
Little Feat  Skin It Back 
Kap'n Karl (Peewee Herman Show)  A Sailor's Life 
Neil Young   Sample & Hold 
The Tubes  Monkey Time 
Sparks w/ Jane Weidlin  Cool Places 
Michael Jackson  Beat It! 
Peter Gabriel  Shock The Monkey 
Rank & File  Rank & File 
Side B
Commercial  Double Cheese Burger 
The Takeaways  Food 
David Bowie  Let's Dance 
Randy Newman  My Life Is Good 
Jules Shear  I Need It 
Peewee Herman  Rub The Top Of Jambi's Box 
Talking Heads  Burning Down The House 
Compass Point All-Stars  Instrumental (Can't Find This One!) 
David Bowie  Fashion 
Commercial  Gloria Peterbuilt Jeans 
Burning Sensations  Belly Of The Whale 
Commercial  Turning Conservative 
Commercial  Mr. Wizard