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Let's Take Off

Artist Song
David Bowie  Jump They Say 
Charlatans UK  How High 
Oasis  Up in the Sky 
Radiohead  High and Dry 
Blur  She Is So High 
Ocean Colour Scene  Hundred Mile High City 
Tom Petty  Learning to Fly 
Nikka Costa  Like a Feather 
Foo Fighters  Learn to Fly 
Smashing Pumpkins  Aeroplane Flies High 
Pearl Jam  Given to Fly 
Nirvana  On a Plain 
Paul McCartney  Jet 
Lou Reed  Big Sky 
Tender Idols  I Shot Down Someone I Love Tonight 
The Venus in Furs  Tumbling Down 
R.E.M.  Airportman 
Stone Temple Pilots  I Got You 


From my extensive 'Back Catalog' of mixes I've been entertaining the fact of posting lately. From 6-3-01: The Nirvana song doesn't really fit, but with Kurt's liking the idea of intentionally mis-spelling words for fun, it does. I spent a lot of time finding songs that I liked and would fit the flow, and from what I remember I enjoyed listening to it too. Enjoy!


chase still ok?
Date: 4/25/2004
Angela road a small but capable bike when she was little. She was a pretty girl who loved wearing yellow polka-dots ,but always wished she could be beautiful,like a fairy!The air was like floating water during the summer- when the gulf stream drove all the heavy,wetted air into her town.Her and her sister loved to bicycle in it,but wished it was a little thinner,always. She sometimes imagined herself as a beautiful bicycle while a pretty fairy riding her off to a place where the air was never heavy but always just so compatibable with her soft little breaths. She smiled. One morning she woke up to the loud sounds of a rainstorm, tears still falling from a scary dream. She looked out the window and saw her bicycle, out in the wet rain- 'oh my gosh' the bike was all soaked! She had to do something to save the bike from rusting; you must know that a rusted bike is a useless bike. Angela hopped out of her little girl bed, threw on some pajama's (red flower petals on the fringe!) and ran out into the rain. The hard wind tossed her here and there and into a tree. Sand smacked her lips and her feet lost their footing. She fell to a puddle and cried...frustration.
The next morning when Angela's parents walked outside to drink their morning tea(earl grey) there were two bicycles in the yard. They smiled and didn't think anything of the new bicycle- they didn't even wonder where Angela was. Then, out of the screen door came two little girls laughing and giggling, neither of them Angela. One was Angela's older sister though, the other was a new girl all together, but she was the most beautiful girl in the entire world, and the parents watched her and were proud to have such a lovely daughter. Her bicycle was the prettiest bicycle in the world also,and it rode well, but her sister's was rusted from the rain storm the night before. The beautiful sister's left hand gripped the handlebar and made a smooth and perfect right turn- her finger tips brushed against a polka-dot-yellow ribbon,tied in a knot,forever around the left bar.
Date: 4/26/2004
Dammit I love Pearl jam; kudos! I like your choices, + more impoortantly, I like what you chose to exclude. Mixes like this tend to flirt with the obvious, + you managed to trod that razor-thin line well. + if Pearl jam is in fact an obvious choice, I still don't care, 'cause I love 'em! Out.
Date: 5/1/2004
I think the Nirvana works, and I'm actually quite jealous of this one since it has such a great theme. That Petty song is gorgeous, the jangling guitars at the beginning just screams "summer"...and in one of those personal touches, I always have to smile when he whistles like a seagull at the end of the tune. By the way, what the hell is Chase talking about? Cheers! -Famous.