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Failing Out of School

Artist Song
Cursive  Sink to the Beat 
Of Montreal  My British Tour Diary 
Death Cab for Cutie  President of What 
At the Drive In  Hoolahoop Wounds 
Interpol  Obstacle 1 
The Shins  Will Become Siloeuttes (Postal Service cover) 
All Time Quarterback  Plans Get Complex 
Neutral Milk Hotel  In an Aeroplane Over the Sea 
Cap'n Jazz  Puddle Splashers 
At the Drive In  Give it a Name 
Spoon  Everything Hits at Once 
Belle and Sebastian  If She Wants Me 
The Postal Service  Such Great Heights 
Death Cab For Cutie  Bend to Squares 
The Shins  Young Pilgrams 
Cursive  The Recluse 
The Dismemberment Plan  Gyroscope 
At the Drive In  For Now...We Toast 
The Books  That Right Ain't Shit 
Neutral Milk Hotel  You've Passed 
The Shins  So Says I 
Kind of Like Spitting  This Lemonade is Terrible 
Franz Ferdinand  Come on Home 
Modest Mouse  Paper Thin Walls 


Goes togeather very well. Actually made this mix for a friend who was curious about all the depressing music I said I listened to. I actually toned it down alot after the first listen as it was actually too depressing even for me. Added some more upbeat shit like Of Montreal and Franz Ferdinand. Whatever.