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...i sprang from my bed to see what was the matter

Artist Song
jeff hayward  a song 
the robot ate me  our bones were chalk 
of montreal  your magic is working 
pavement  shoot the singer 
earlimart  we drink on the job 
franz ferdinand  take me out 
pinback  trainer 
jim guthrie  all gone 
the decemberists  angel won't you call me 
dios  you make me feel 
air  biological 
fog  hummer 
blur  trailerpark 
iron and wine  love and some verses 
elf power  hole in my shoe 
clouddead  physics of a unicycle 
american analog set  punk as fuck 
mirah  promise to me 
sufjan stevens  size too small 
beck  dead melodies 
ox  1913 massacre 
radiohead  gagging order 


another mix for mandy. starts a cutelike, gets like a bootyshakin danceparty, and chills the hell out for a long while. i love it.